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CDARowing iCrew Instructions

CDARowing has switched to a new online platform called iCrew for all rowing registration and member communications.

Who needs to register on iCrew?
All current and new rowers and staff.

Registration is done in two steps via the links below:

  1. Register for iCrew (Club Registration Code is WEFPM). See instructions below or view iCrew registration tutorial.
  2. In iCrew, select My Documents, select each document listed and follow the completion instructions.

Fill Out Your New iCrew Profile In Full
There are two pages in your new iCrew profile: Please make sure all relevant info is filled out on both pages. Most of the fields are fairly straightforward, but not all. So just in case, here is a little extra information:

  • iCrew user ID: You may use any user ID you like but iCrew is used by many rowing clubs so your preferred ID may have already been used by someone in another club. If iCrew displays a message saying that your ID has been used, you must change it to something unique. Using your personal email is one easy way to do this but you could also add a suffix like “-cdara” or any other value to make it unique.
  • Allergies or special needs: Please use this field to communicate any information your coaches or others should know for your safety in an emergency or to help you avoid problems.
  • Family Keys: If multiple members of your family have accounts in iCrew, all your family members should enter the same values in the Family key 1 and Family key 2 fields on all your individual profiles. The family key values can be whatever you choose. Just make sure all family members use the same value for key 1 and the same value for key 2. The two keys should be different. Think of the two keys as a userid/password pair that all family members share. 
  • Non-rowing member: All members who are not also rowers should select this box; by doing so, you can then ignore fields like Birth Year, Tile Name, and Competitive/Recreational choices–the ones that are required of all actual rowers.
  • Tile Name: This is what is used by coaches on the Line-ups screen. It is usually your first name and last initial (or preferred nickname)

Registration Confirmation
After you complete your iCrew registration, you will receive a confirmation email that includes links to iCrew tutorial videos as well as links to download the iOS or Android iCrew app. Please check your spam folder if the message does not arrive in your inbox.

CDARowing membership dues are tracked by iCrew but paid against QuickBooks invoices. Your invoice will be emailed after your iCrew registration is complete and you have requested an invoice. It will have an online payment option.

Need to pay by check? Please mail your check to CDARowing at PO Box 2153, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83816.

Please note that all fees always need to be paid prior to the first day of active rowing.

If you have questions about the registration process, please email the club treasurer.

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