Membership Options

The Coeur d’Alene Rowing Association offers 4 membership options:

  • Student Rower Membership (Junior) $200/year
  • General Rower Membership (Master) $315/year
  • Affiliate Rower Membership (Master) $200/year
  • Coxswain Membership (no annual dues and no rowing privileges)
  • Guest Rower $15/session  (limited to 3 guest rows /year Guest Rower Policy)

All memberships run 12 months from join date. Our 7 month rowing season runs from April through October with limited rowing opportunities during the other months.

All memberships require the following and must be current in order for you to row in club equiment or access the dock:

  • Registration on the iCrew website 
  • CDA Rowing Safety Form on file.
  • Online US Rowing basic membership and online signed waiver.  If you participate in US Rowing Sponsored Regattas you will need to purchase a championship US Rowing membership.
  • Current membership dues.

Please review the membership types below to find the one that applies to you.

Student Rower Membership (Junior) $200/year:
For those students enrolled full time in High School or College, our Student Rower Membership dues are $200 per year. We have programs offered through both the local high schools that provide a class environment and on-the-water training.  High School memberships must be pre-approved by the Coach and Coach approval is required for rowing outside classroom schedule.  The Student Membership allows access to the club equipment and dock during normal class hours with the supervision of the coach.

Mandatory Student Rower Membership Requirements: (Contact Coach if you have questions)

  • All membership requirements listed above
  • Junior Hand Book Requirements:
    • Annual Swim Test and Boat Re-Entry Certification
    • Annual Sports Physical
    • Athlete/Parent Code of Conduct
    • COVID-19 Athlete/Parent Waiver

General Rower Membership (Master) $315/year:
For those rowers not enrolled as full time students, our General Rower Membership dues are $315 per year.  The General Rower Membership allows access to the club equipment and the dock during daylight hours. Coaching is available at additional cost.

Affiliate Rower Membership (Master) $200/year:
For rowers whose primary membership is with another US Rowing Organizational member club, we offer our Affiliate Rower Membership. The membership dues for Affiliate Rowers are $200 and do not include CDARA voting privileges. This category is intended for rowers in regional clubs but may be applied to more distant club rowers as well upon Board approval. This membership level requires all membership paperwork to be completed and proof of other rowing club membership. Coaching is available at additional cost.

Coxswain Only Membership – No Annual Dues:
For those individuals who are trained and certified and who wish to only act as coxswain for club boats and not row, we offer our Coxswain Only Membership. There are no rowing privileges and no annual dues for this membership.

Guest Rower Policy $15/session:
We offer limited guest rower opportunities (3 guest rower privileges per year). Please see the Guest Rower Policy for details

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